Why Cleaning Wrecks Your Life

This morning the light streaming in the window was a show-stopper. I HAD to share it on Instagram. The world was dying to see this light thru my eyes.

I grabbed my new Pixel phone and prepared to capture an incredible shot.

I wish I had.

The light was hitting my plants in an exceptional way. The green, the filtered edges, the feeling of grace, of lightness, all was there.

What happened next, sucks.

Because as I was about to take the shot, in a split second, I noticed some dust and had to pause.

I sighed. I don’t want the people on Instagram to find out that I’m not a person who “dusts.” I’m not a person who has a maid. I am the maid, except I’m a maid who never dusts.

Ok, I’ll dust this one time.

I run to get some Lemon Pledge. I grab a paper towel. I spray the wood where the most obvious dust is sitting. I wipe. Then I put it all down. I grab my Pixel phone with my lemon pledge fingers.

And the light is going. It is going right before my eyes. I try to re-arrange the shot. I try to pull back the magic that had captivated me earlier.

But. it. is. gone.

This is why I know, deep in my heart, that cleaning wrecks your life.

plain shot with no captivating light


  1. This is why… I dust only when my mother is coming to visit.. ( twice a year)
    I sweep every other day because I have big fluffy dogs who’s hair turns into tumble weeds that have been the death of 3 vacum cleaners.
    I secretly think my house is way worse than yours… oops.
    So glad to see you writing again !!

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